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Trottola IV

Trottola IV

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Laura used the Italian method of Incalmo to create ‘Trottola IV’. This intriguing incalmo glass sculpture is made in beautiful shades of sapphire.

Pink and black sapphire blended together with bronze detailing. The free-blown halves joined together in perpetuity.

The shape and form are captivating and technically challenging to make. It is part of a highly imaginative series of works that inspires the audience to look at, in, and through the art itself.

The combination of varying glass thicknesses, polished, textured surfaces, and the interplay of light makes the visual experience a palette of different perceptions.

This is a great centrepiece for your new interior design project. Perfect on a side table, this playful piece is not to be played with!


32cm x 13cm x 18cm

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