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Inside this glass bird’s nest, you will find cast bronze eggs. Made by the South London Foundry, these perfectly formed eggs bring to life the stranded glass nest.

Formed by intrinsically intertwining strand upon strand of fine glass cane, this nest is one of the ‘containment’ series by Cathryn Shilling. The complexity of the nest is simply astounding. The woven pattern of glass strands is perfectly akin to a bird’s nest found in nature.

Like all her works, this glass birds nest by Cathryn shows the artist’s delicate relationship with nature to perfection. A container for a new life, this fragile vessel carefully encases the eggs which will hatch and bring new birds to nature. On a planet where human intervention is destroying nature, one glimpse at this stunning glass art piece, and you will become lost in a world that was in perfect harmony before the passing of mankind.

17cm x 17cm x 9cm

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