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These Pretty Ornaments ‘Gemini’ have two sides that perfectly mirror one another to form a delicate heart shape.

These pretty ornaments were made by Polish master glass artist Adam Jablonski. Each piece is unique and signed by him. Only FOUR left in Stock!

Deliciously curved Lead crystal with an amber inner edge course down to a sumptuous amethyst and emerald-coloured base.

Looks majestic on the mantelpiece and a perfect gift for the one you love.


These are the last works produced by the Great Man himself. If you are looking to buy New instead of second hand then this is your last opportunity as Boha Glass has acquired all of the last items of New stock from Studio Jablonski.

Pretty Ornaments Artist

Adam Jablonski’s masterfully crafted art glass.  Adam Jablonski is a master-level craftsman of art glass from Poland.  He had a career that spanned nearly six decades, from 1952 until he retired in 2010.  In the course of that storied career, he pioneered a number of techniques in art glass that earned him multiple patents.   He invented the technique of combining molten glass with threads of metal to create glass with superb reflective qualities.

The result of this brilliance has been a great demand for his work and many accolades.  His work is part of some of the finest collections in the world. Mr Jablonski is most proud that his work was exhibited in the Corning Museum of Glass in America.  He is the first Eastern Bloc artist to have earned that honour.  His accolades also include being presented with 12 gold stars from Polish Presidents.  His stunning work will be an enduring legacy and become more valuable as time goes on.

We have sold a large amount of his glass pieces now and there are just a few left. Don’t wait too long to make your purchase.

L: 21cm x D: 5cm x H: 35cm
3 kg


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